Consultancy from the International Association for Children's Spirituality: Adrian Gellel

This space provides brief details of practitioners and academics working in a variety of situations within the realm of Children's Spirituality. All are available for consultancy and can be contacted through this website.

Adrian Gellel

Adrian Gellel Professor Adrian-Mario Gellel is an Associate Professor in Religious Education in both Faculties of Education and Theology (University of Malta). His main areas of interest are Symbol Literacy, Children’s Spirituality, Religious Education and General Pedagogy. Between 2006 and 2010 he was the National Coordinator for Religious Education in Schools for the Catholic Church. He has led the consultation on the policy document Religious Education in Malta: Reflections by the Catholic Community (2009). Together with Professor Michael Buchannan he edited the Handbook on Catholic Religious Education in schools (Springer, 2015). He is currently working on the development of Symbol Literacy, an inter-disciplinary pedagogy that, amongst other, aims to sustain and develop children's analogical and metaphorical reasoning and consequently their ability to make sense of their reality.