Consultancy from the International Association for Children's Spirituality: John Fisher

This space provides brief details of practitioners and academics working in a variety of situations within the realm of Children's Spirituality. All are available for consultancy and can be contacted through this website.

John Fisher

John Fisher As an educator, John Fisher has seen his role as helping people be the best they can be. John has qualifications and experience in primary and secondary education and has been a research chemist, youth worker (qualified pastor). Over the last 48 years, John has spent 19 years in teacher education in public and Christian universities. He has also helped establish three Christian schools and helped another two to grow (principal for 14 years) and has been consultant to many other schools.

Over the last 17 years, John has passionately followed his interest in spiritual health and well-being, especially in educational settings (PhD, University of Melbourne 1998, Associate Editor of International Journal of Children's Spirituality since 1999, EdD University of Ballarat 2009).

John has developed unique spiritual well-being questionnaires for primary school pupils (Feeling Good, Living Life (FGLL)) and secondary school students and teachers (Spiritual Health And Life-Orientation Measure (SHALOM)). These SWBQs are easy to use and give insight into four domains of spiritual well-being, which are reflected in the quality of relationships with self, others, environment and/or God.

These measures have been sought for use in over 100 studies in Australia and overseas, with SHALOM being translated into eight languages other than English. See the online journal Religions 1, 101-125 (2010).

FGLL and SHALOM are excellent tools for informing pastoral care needs of students and staff. If you are interested in more detail please access John's PhD free of charge at, or for the EdD,

You can contact John at Shalom.